Who am I

Who am I?
Blah blah blah. I find that question really hard to answer, harder than creating a computer program without a computer. Well, that's an exaggeration. Anyway, maybe this photos will show you who really am.

I am Passionate About Life. One of my friend told me that wherever I go and whatever happen I always manage to enjoy. Yes, I'ts true. I've lived away from my family for a while, took a job, succeed and failed in my work, meet new acquaintances, and made some friends. With that, I was able to explore life outside my comfort zone and I know I grew. I always believe that there's always something good anytime, anywhere.

Me mirroring the Naked Statue.

I am a Toothpaste Model. Somebody told me that I can be a toothpaste model. But that doesn't mean I have a white-pearly-shimmering teeth (how I wish), unfortunately I have the opposite. Anyway, I can be a toothpaste model because I smile all out. I just can't resist my mouth from spreading widely when I am happy..for me, Joy is too much to keep.

Me, keeping my smile :)

I am a Frustrated Photographer. I just can't resist my passion to capture moment and nature. But at this point, I don't have a DSLR (which I think a photographer should have!) and I am really hoping to have one. For now,  I am enjoying my one and only Canon Powershot A2300 camera- Dawn. I named her Dawn for it is the first appearance of light before the sun actually rises and it is the beginning of my journey before my age increases. LOL.

Meet Dawn.

Finally, I work, I travel, I eat, I laugh, I love, I hate and I live like you. Meet Ai and  I am Ai

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