Friday, September 16, 2016

Easy Steps to Make Your Own TAGXEDO word cloud

Let's have fun and make our own TAGXEDO word cloud! :)

To start, go to then follow the steps below.

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Step 1: Click LOAD.
Step 2.Type any words in the box. Note that words entered in this box will appear in your word cloud.
Step 3. Click SUBMIT.
Note: Wait a few seconds to let Tagxedo generate your image.

Step 4. Choose Theme by clicking the arrow as shown below.
Step 5. Select the theme you desire.

Step 6. Choose Font by clicking the arrow as shown below.
Step 7. Select the font you desire.

Step 8. Choose the orientation of your words. (In this example I chose ANY)

Step 9: Now choose what shape you want your word cloud to look like. (This is my personal favorite part :) )

Step 10. This step is optional. You may want to experiment more on how your tagxedo will look like.

Click the SAVE/SHARE link and select the resolution of your image. Note that, the higher the MP, the clearer the result. (In this example, I chose 4MP PNG format).

Please feel free to correct these steps and write it on the comments section. Thank you. HAVE FUN! :)

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