Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How to get Marriage License in Davao City

Wonder how to get marriage licence in davao city?
What are the requirements?
Where do we go?
Hmm.. how much?

These are the things that bothered us then. Luckily, with efforts in research and queries to friends (especial thanks to Efasde), we never had a hard time applying for marriage license in Davao City. We processed our Marriage License on May 27, 2016. We arrived at 2:45 PM and finished at about 4:45 PM of same date.  It’s really easy :)

 *Note: This is applicable for ages 26 and above only. Ages 25 and below requires additional documents from guardian or parents. 

 Here are the things to do.

Step 1. Prepare yourselves. The two of you is required to apply personally together. No solo flight here.

Step 2. Prepare the following Requirements. Note that each requirement must be prepared by the groom and the bride:
  1. CENOMAR-  1 original, 1 photocopy (one for him, one for her)
  2. Either NSO Birth Cetificate OR Baptismal Cetificate- 2 photocopies (two for him , two for her)
  3. Cedula- 1 photocopy (one for him, one for her)
  4. Valid ID- 1 photocopy (one for him, one for her)
  • In any case, always bring the original documents with you.
  • Don’t have the requirements yet? Read the post at the bottom later.
 Step 3. Go to Sangguniang Panglungsod ng Dabaw. There are numerous windows for different transactions. Don’t get confused. Ask the personnel at the entrance as to where is the room for Marriage License Application.

Step 4. Upon arriving in front of the room, get your priority number and enter the room.

Step 5. Submit your requirements to the in-charge seated at the left side of the room. Everything there is labelled, just read the signs hanged in the ceiling :)

Step 6. Pay the cashier an amount of P400.00 only.

Order of Payment for Marriage License

Step 7. Fill-out the documents given to you legibly. Made mistake on the form? Ask gently the in-charge to give you new form.

Step 8. Go back to the in-charge. Submit the official receipt and the fully filled-out form.

Step 9. The in-charge will give you the claim form and the 10-working-day waiting starts here. (We processed on May 27, 2016 and the document was finally released on June 9, 2016)

Step 10. After 10 days, go back to Sangguniang Panglungsod and bring with you your Claim Form. You may get your Marriage License :)

Summary of Our Expenses*

My groom
Bride (me)
NSO Birth Certificate

Baptismal Certificate

Miscellaneous (photocopy, etc)
Marriage License Application Fee
 *Prices may change without notice.
Note: This is applicable for ages 26 and above only.
Ages 25 and below requires additional documents from guardian or parents

Don’t have the requirements yet? Read below.

Additional details in securing the requirements for Marriage License:

  • Secure it from NSO. Prepare P195.00 Each (you need to pay two CENOMAR: one for him and one for her)
  •  Note: We transacted at the NSO in the afternoon. After our payment, we are instructed to return the day after to get the CENOMAR. So in any case, give a 2-day allowance to your schedule. You may also use this waiting period to secure the other requirements. 

2. Birth Certificate OR Baptismal Certificate
  • NSO Birth Certificate costs P140.00 and Baptismal is cheaper depending on your local church. My baptismal certificate worth P50.00 only. Way cheaper and faster to get.
  • Note: Because I left my NSO Birth Certificate at our province so I presented my Baptismal Certificate and it was honored. 

3. Cedula
  • The worth of your cedula varies on your annual income or how you declare it :)
  • Note: You may get this at your barangay office or at the Sangguniang Panglungsod. But as per experience, getting it at our baranggay is way faster and hassle free. 
    Happy preps! :)

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