Monday, August 20, 2012

Atulayan Island

boat trip
Atulayan Island, Sagñay, Camarines Sur, Philippines 
(August 18-19, 2012)

The island, as seen from afar, resembles the shape of a snail thus it's  name was derived from the Bicol word 'atol' which means snail.

*I thought the island was dominated with snails but gladly I am wrong!

Saturday is Halfday!
Sunday is Restday!
Monday is Holiday! (Eidul-Fitr)
Teusday is extended Holiday! (Ninoy Aquino Day)

Well.. well. well.. Galing talaga ni Lord! I always expect that August is time for lakwatsa todamax! Pero hindi ako ang pakana ng outing na to.. this is organized by our project engineer Ryan. In short, joiner ako. Period.

I was a bit afraid in this trip knowing that we will be riding a boat off to destination. What's with the boat? Nothing.. it's just that I don't know how to swim! Simple as that. Gosh... tingnan nyo nman ang tubig o! Kung makahampas.. wagas! Glad that life jackets were provided for the girls 'cauz majoriy of the boys are like serino, mga adik sa tubig.

Well we arrived at the beach past 5:30 in the afternoon after spending long 30-minute trip in the boat. It was an amazing sight though but I wasn't able to take a pic of the view since my hands are too busy holding the boat's bamboo pole. *baka kc sa sobrang amaze ko makalimutan kong nasa dagat ako at mahulog. di ko kaya teh!

We can't see the horizon since this side of the island is surrounded by another islands. Yet, at night, the glitters of the light from the neighboring islands looks like sparkling stars in the land. It was pleasing.

Anyway, the island use generators to produce electricity. That means, people here are electricity thrift.. in a good way. Only a single bulb gave light to our three cottages and it was amazingly enough for us. Those cottages are typical rural type of cottages made of bamboo, wood, coconut leaves as roof (tama ba?dahon ng niyog) and incorporated with a deck designed for overnight stays. It did comfort us for the whole night cool breeze. 

The beach.

I really really love the sand. Sarap magpa-gulong gulong!

White Sand (dark lang pagpicture! Sorry)

Left Side of the Beach

Right Side of the Beach
You have to pass through this rocks if you want to visit the village next to this beach. We went there to buy fresh fishes and I was amaze that there where many villagers live there! 

Overall, the experience was great! The sea is so lovely that I'de love to go back. But next time, I must apply sunscreen! *todo sunburn ako teh, kahit kasi noontime ligo todamax parin. Nakakaakit kasi ang dagat jan! Visit nyo din! :)

O heto na winner smile pic..

Ngiting Wagas Winner!

Isn't they're cute?!?
 I choose this pic as the Ngiting Wagas Winner. Why? kasi cute sila. Never mind the faces.. it's the smile :) Agree?