Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Four Things Why I Won't Forget My Davao Crocodile Park Visit

Davao Crocodile Park is one of the famous tourist attractions in Davao City which exhibits variety of animals including crocodiles, snakes, tiger, birds, iguana and monkeys. The park is located away from downtown but still very accessible to public. 

Four Things Why I Won't Forget My Davao Crocodile Park Visit

Too much for the introduction. Now, here are the thing why I just can't forget my Davao City Crocodile Park visit.

4. The Python Touch

I said I won't, but I did. We visited some parks before that offers photo taking with snakes which I did not try because I find it unsafe taking photos with them in a cage! Duh! Anyway, I asked the in-charge, and the conversation went like this:

Me: Kuya, did you take away the snake's fang to make sure he can't bite me?
In-charge: No, we can't. If we do he'll die.
Me: So how safe is it to take a photo with the snake around me? how sure are you he won't bite me?
In-charge: Well, so far he didn't harm our guests. So..
Me: (waiting for additional response)
In-charge: (smiled)
Me: (Laughing out loud in my mind!)
-conversation end-

Price: 40 pesos per developed copy
The in-charge is friendly, in fact, we asked him to take photos using our camera.

3. The Bubbly Orangutan

This ape is hanging around in his cage and in this photo he decided to pose up-side-down. I was amazed with his size that  is three times my size and is taller than me of course. This one has really long arms and reddish-brown hair all over his body. I just found it funny remembering that some Human Evolution Theories claim that we came from great apes. Do we? Do you? LOL.

2. The Dragons Den

It is an area partly separated from the others with its own entrance and own pond. It is where you can actually see closely the turtles and dragon living together. I was very amazed that I can be with them and take their photos less than a foot away.

The Little Dragon. He stays near the pond, but never in the pond. 

This turtle is in his meditation mode. I took his photo less than a foot away.
 I can kiss him if I want! LOL.

This is a BIG one.
It's not obvious in this photo but I think he is two to three feet long.

This is a BIG one too! He looked like a rock.
In fact, he is near the entrance gate but we did not notice him when we came in. 
1. The Taste of the Crocky

Yes, you can! Right at the entrance you will see a mini-lechon house. It is very appealing especially to food enthusiasts. I did not taste it though, yet somehow, I can't forget it.

Price: 100 pesos/ 100 grams

Crocodile Lechon. I don't know what to react.

Call their office first to inquire about their lechon schedule.
How To Get There

There are many jeepneys and taxi in Davao City so transportation is pretty easy. Since we are in a tight budget, we decided not to take taxi (it will cost us 150-300 pesos depending from traffic situation) from San Pedro downtown. Instead, we took jeepney from corner San Pedro St.- Claveria St. where the San Pedro Cathedral is located. We took Buhangin jeep (we can also take Indangan, Catitipan, and other jeepneys with the signboard "Buhangin") and drop off at Buhangin Milan right before the Buhangin overpass. We drop off before the overpass since it is easier t. The jeepney charged us 10 pesos each.

The park is located at a diversion road where there's no jeepney route. From Buhangin Milan, we took a taxi that cost 85 pesos and finally get to our destination. It's fair enough than taking taxi from San Pedro downtown. 

Getting back to downtown is easier by just reversing the route. This time, take a taxi then take a jeepney. There are lots of taxi at the park though so no need to worry.

Entrance Fee

For the maintenance of the park, entrance is not free.
Price: 200 pesos (Adult) and 100 pesos (Kids of 2-12yrs old)
Inclusions: Crocodile Park, Tribu K'Mindanawan, and Butterly House

Slightly expensive but worth the try.

My Expenses

Good for two persons. It is cheaper if you go with some buddies.

There are lots of other amazing things there. But these four are what I considered unforgettable. I can't post all the pictures so go there and take yours :)

Some say it's a worthy place to go and some others say it is nothing but a waste of money. But now that I finally encountered it, I can say it is worth it.

**Did you have unforgettable sites there that I miss? Please share. **