Friday, June 14, 2013

AutoCAD Anti-Virus Protection: Remove Cambodia Pop-up Message Virus

I was pressured yesterday when our President approached me asking for help with her laptop. She showed me her AutoCAD displaying the message "24 Provinces and Municipalities of Cambodia have been protected with anti-virus software." multiple times.

"It is a virus.", I concluded and promptly scanned the laptop. But unfortunately it didn't help. The next thing I did is uninstall the AutoCAD program and replaced it with a new one. But, again, no luck.

I then browse the internet and found out the solution for my problem. Then my problem is resolved.

How to Remove The Cambodia Pop-up Message Virus in AutoCAD 

NOTE: Before downloading the "AutoCAD_Anti-Virus_Protection.exe", be sure to temporary disable your
anti-virus or else this won't work.

1. Download and extract the AutoCAD_Anti-Virus_Protection here.

2. Run the file "AutoCAD_Anti-Virus_Protection.exe"

3. Open any AutoCAD applications and click OK/ESC when prompted with the pop-up message "24 Provinces and Municipalities of Cambodia have been protected with anti-virus software." until it disappears.

4. In the Command pane found in the lower side of the Autocad window, type the command "ap"

5. A dialog box will appear. Browse the file "C:\AutoCAD_Anti-Virus_Protection" and click "Load". Also, browse for the file "C:\AutoCAD_Anti-Virus.fas" and click "Load". After the two files have been selected, click "Close"

6. The cleaning scripts will run and wait until it will display the message "Total Infected files were found and removed." indicating the number of files cleaned.

7. Close AutoCAD window.

8. Restart your pc/laptop and reopen any AutoCAD file. The virus should be gone.

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