Thursday, May 23, 2013

Civil Service Exam Success!

I've been longing to take this exam since first year in college until finally, after so many years, I took the Civil Service Commission Paper-Pencil Test Professional Level (CSC PPT-Professional) on October 21, 2012.

The Review.

It's been one-and-a-half year since I finished my course BS in Information Technology and now my mind seemed to rust!

"It must be easy", I thought. But during my first reviews (self review) I scored less than fifty percent of the items. I was  bit shocked and it lessen my confidence in passing the exam. However, this triggers me to review harder.

The Testing Center.

You must (if possible) visit your testing center the day before the examination. I am thankful I did that!

I took my exam in an unfamiliar school and locating my designated room gave me some trouble. I took my camera with me and took a shot on this map (left map) and followed the direction. But, unfortunately, I was lost and came back to the starting point to re-follow the map. Funny, but true.

I admit I am not good in direction. T_T

The Exam. 

Conquer the Time. 2-Hour exam for 150 items. As I can remember there are 20 for personal questions and 130 for the exam proper. I reviewed so the test questions are not so hard for me. Yet, the time-limit twisted the situation and made the exam a bit harder.

I was not able to read all the questions since I got no enough time! What I did is answer the questions   where I seem confident to answer -the Math problems and analysis. That's the trick I've learned in taking exams :)

The Result. 

I've waited more or less 45 days for the result... and Thank God I did it! :)

For the complete list, visit the following:
Civil Service Commission